All our outdoor Basketball towers come with a post, a backboard on a frame & a ring with a net so you are ready to play! All of our rings are equipped with our patented Waverail net tie system which ensures the net will not get caught on the ring and is also free from sharp edges so players don't cut their hands when dunking.

Side Swing – Raptor


Are you looking for a multipurpose court?
Are you limited for space but want room for several sports on the court? Then you need a Raptor. With only 1 hole to dig for a single pole, the Raptor Basketball Tower is used on Multipurpose Courts when both Tennis and Basketball are being played. The Raptor can be set in line with the fence and also folds flat in line with the pole for optimal space and usage.

Raptor 420: With a 34m long tennis court and 28m long basketball court, the Raptor 420 outreach from pole face to backboard face is 4.2m (3m from b/ball baseline to fence + 1.2m backboard overhang into b/ball court) when the pole is flush to the fence line.

Raptor 445: With an outreach of 4.45m, the Raptor 445 is suited to a 34.5m court.

Raptor E: For tennis courts longer then 34.5m, the longer extensions of Raptor E are used. For example, a 36m tennis court would require a Raptor E extension of 5.2m (4m from b/ball baseline to fence + 1.2m backboard overhang into b/ball court).

Features: 150mm square main pole, twin 150 x 50mm extension arms, full size backboard frame, hot dip galvanised, 300kg load rating ring, noise dampened board to frame mounting, all weather Polyboard, Waverail ring net attachment (eliminated broken net hooks and net entanglement).

Acrylic Backboard

B1290a & B1810a

Upgrade to a clear acrylic backboard to give your basketball tower that professional look you've always wanted.

Glass Backboard

B1290g & B1810g

Upgrade to a glass backboard for the ultimate playing experience. See through appearance for the ultimate look and the best ball rebound of all boards!

Competition Spring Ring


The unique leaf spring is maintenance free and will not sag over time. This ring is firm but has an ideal soft touch which shooters love. The wrap around brace provides better visual target for shooting. With the Waverail net tie system, nets will never get caught up.

Double Rim Ring


Suited to outdoor vandal prone locations making it ideal for council half courts and unsupervised play areas.

Has a 500kg load capacity and an unconditional life-time warranty. Waverail net tie system.