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Introducing the Thor10

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This is the ultimate IAAF certified hammer throw cage with a patent pending design for use in stadiums and top level competition.

The cage you’ll want to use for your sporting stadium

The Thor10 is a four pole setup with steel poles on hinged base plates for easy installation, along with steel ground sleeves. The ground area has only the four support poles, offering great spectator visibility of the thrower during events.

Net height is set at 7m for the main perimeter of the cage and is held in place with retaining ropes all around the perimeter. Nets are set away from the structure to avoid any contact between the hammer and the poles. This negates rebound towards the thrower and reduces any chance of damage to the poles as well as the net. Gates are set 10m high and can be opened and closed independently with the gate ropes.

A throw cage that’s built to survive the elements

Thor10 has a cyclone 2 wind rating and does not require the net to be lowered during strong winds. This reduces any manpower required to manage the cage and further reduces any cost involved.

Thor10 is IAAF certified and suitable for top level competition. This cage proves to be easy to maintain and is built to last so you won’t be searching for a replacement cage.

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Spec Summary:

10m high x 2m long gates that pivot 7m forward of circle centre. 7m high perimeter net. IAAF certified, for stadium-type venues.

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