Goal Netting

Retaining Netting


AFL goal netting is designed and made specific to each venue. They can be made for permanent installation or for quick install and removal.
Permanent netting to retain balls within the property generally consist of poles with cable stretched between them and the netting is suspended from the cable.
Temporary installations usually have poles mounted to hinged base plates the can be raised and lowered in a quick turnaround time. The poles have pulleys at the top and rope is used to raise and lower the netting. Guy ropes are used on the outer poles to limit bowing.
One consideration in choosing the size of removable installations is how quick each end needs to be removed? For example there may be 3 minutes between the practice session and the start of a game. Larger poles may require three people per pole while light 9m high poles can be lowered by one person per pole.
The hinged base of our net poles consists of two spigots with base plates. The net pole fits over one spigot and the other spigot inserts into the ground sleeve. Caps are provided to cover the sleeves when not in use.
Pictured: Lathlain Park WA. Westcoast Eagles AFL Elite Training Oval