Cage – IAAF Certified

Introducing the Apollo IAAF certified

Experience the Benefits of our Innovative Discus Cage Design

PHS Apollo discus cage is the most innovative design on the market. This simple, yet unique, patent design (#9,889366 B2) is the future of discus throwing cages and provides many key features that most other cages cannot.

A simplistic yet practical cage design

The installation process has been simplified greatly as the Apollo contains only four support poles on hinged bases. This makes it easy to raise the poles into position. This four pole design greatly improves the visibility of the thrower and also leaves the cage with an unobtrusive look when not in use.

The 6m high net is kept in position with 8 retaining ropes that are anchored to the ground. The four pole design removes any chance of discus contact with the poles thus avoiding any damage to the net. This reduces any ongoing costs.

Check out our Apollo Installation video!

Wind resistant for ultimate convenience

The Apollo is wind rated to 100 km/h, so the net does not need to be lowered during storms or strong winds. Because of this, this design requires little to no maintenance by ground staff. This will save you both time and aggravation and reduce the risk of costly repairs in the event you don’t get it down in time.

The Apollo discus cage is IAAF and engineer certified. Built tough, for long term use.

Spec Summary:

6m high net. 4m high perimeter gate, 7m forward of circle centre. IAAF certified and engineer certified.

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