Fixed Towers

Rotating Basketball / Netball System with height adjustability – 1.2m Outreach


This is a full-size rotating & height adjusting basketball and netball system that suits courts with combined basketball and netball courts the same length.
The pole sits on the court baseline and when rotated for basketball use, the extension arm will place the backboard 1.2m inside the basketball baseline.
The gas strut assisted backboard frame changes the ring height from 3.05m to 2.6m for junior players.

Side Swinging Tower

The Raptor 170 basketball unit has side swinging arms designed for play areas where the backboard needs to be swung out of the way when not in use. For example, on a tennis court where the basketball hoop would usually extend out above the service area.

The Raptor 170 extension arms hinges on a mounting plate which is bolted to the main pole. The twin arms allow the board to swing and remain parallel. Arms can be locked into position when in use and also when swung to the side.