Side Swing Towers

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Side Swinging Tower


The Raptor 170 basketball unit has side swinging arms designed for play areas where the backboard needs to be swung out of the way when not in use. For example, on a tennis court where the basketball hoop would usually extend out above the service area.

The Raptor 170 extension arms hinges on a mounting plate which is bolted to the main pole. The twin arms allow the board to swing and remain parallel. Arms can be locked into position when in use and also when swung to the side.

Competition Spring Ring


The unique leaf spring is maintenance free and will not sag over time. This ring is firm but has an ideal soft touch which shooters love. The wrap around brace provides better visual target for shooting. With the Waverail net tie system, nets will never get caught up.

Glass Backboard

B1290g & B1810g

Upgrade to a glass backboard for the ultimate playing experience. See through appearance for the ultimate look and the best ball rebound of all boards!

Acrylic Backboard

B1290a & B1810a

Upgrade to a clear acrylic backboard to give your basketball tower that professional look you've always wanted.