Sight Screen

Cricket Sight Screen


The Australian designed Cricket sight screen consists of a low-profile post and rail track with white mesh screen panels.
Each screen carriage is 1.5m wide equating to 7.5m width (span) and height of 6.0m.
The screens can be easily rolled into position - one at a time.
Wheel stops prevent the screens from moving in the wind with a secure bolt locking system in place.
A typical system would consist of a 28.8m track and caters for a 70m radius oval.
The low-profile track is colour matched for each venue, to blend into the background.
Grounds can now provide AFL clubs with a clear field of view – if Cricket sight screens are required to be removed.
Product features:
• Perforated metal screens two pack urethane paint – colour white
• Robust variable low-profile track hot dipped galvanised
• Easy glide technology
• One operator usage
• Excellent ball view (for batsman) with around and over the wicket bowling actions
• Secure locking device
• Easy to add additional screens