Senior Height – 76mm dia. post


76mm diameter poles for permanent installation, poles are galvanised and coated white. Supplied with NR11 rings which are made with 16mm solid steel with support arms and Waverail net tie system. Ring height 3050mm. Net supplied.
Suits 30.5m standard netball court and ideal for clubs, shires & local councils, schools & universities
Engineered certified.
Complies with the rules and regulations of the relevant sport’s governing bodies (Netball Australia and IFNA) as well as national and state government regulations.
Suited for more robust activity and general public reserves

Product benefits:
Netball goal posts, 76mm OD with nets
Ring height 3050mm
76mm diameter hot dip galvinised poles for long time permanent installation
Durable long lasting hi gloss painted white finish
The ring is equipped with our patented Waverail net tie system which ensures the net will not get caught on the ring and is also free from sharp edges.
NR11 netball rings
Quality Heavy Duty Reinforced Net
Install directly into concrete for 100% stability and safety.