Portable Goals

Free Standing Large Goals

F52fa, F62fa & F72fa

Full frame Soccer goals made to be free-standing and easily portable.

Goals are made from 100mm dia aluminium tube with Waverail net attachment. The net is attached to the Waverail continuously along the goal frame with cord. This attachment method is more efficient than net hook methods where net attachment is at intervals and therefore nets last longer. Frames are made de-mountable for storage and transport. White finish.

Supplied with EGC ground anchor pegs, nets (FN52, FN62 or FN72 depending on goal size) and cord.

Option: Goals can be ordered with net track system in place of Waverail and are then supplied with FW52, FW62 or FW72 premium nets.

Goal sizes available:
F52fa: 5m x 2m
F62fa: 6m x 2m
F72fa: 7.32m x 2.44m.