We pride ourselves on providing unique and high quality products to our customers. Our design team has developed many unique products that keep us ahead of the game.


Play Hard has introduced several innovative products into the market including:

* Flat spring basketball ring designed to last longer than conventional designs (US Patent 1995)

* Barrel winder for tennis nets which features a safety drop down handle.

* World Athletics certified (formerly IAAF) hammer throw and discus cages. Play Hard is the only company in the southern hemisphere manufacturing World Athletics certified cages!

* Premium Steel framed athletics high jump mat cover with COLORBOND® cladding – the design has no sharp edges and an eye catching futuristic shape. Custom sizes are available.

* The Waverail™ basketball ring net tie method is the sole advancement in net tie ideas world wide in the last twenty five years.

* Raptor is our innovative single pole side swing basketball tower. It is more streamline than other designs.

* Our range of tennis umpire chairs have a completely unique design concept and used in international tennis tournaments.

* AFL can now be played on cricket grounds without sight screens impeding the view thanks to our removable and rotating cricket screens.

* Robina Stadium (NRL Gold Coast Titans) houses our 18 metre high Rugby goals and A League soccer goals.

* Gold Coast Hockey Centre houses our uniquely designed player shelters (2), Technical shelter and Hockey goals used during the XXI Commonwealth Games Gold Coast.

* Galaxy Freestanding Multipurpose Goal System with integrated net tracking has been a great asset for sports field asset managers, who are looking for that ‘easy to use’ robust goal asset with integrated net tracking. Lightweight aluminium frame with weighted rear bar rail and ‘easy to maneuver’ pneumatic wheels.

* Aurora Modenised Players Shelter. Tinted Ultra UV polycarbonate – 4 degrees cooler than clear acrylic Superior shelter – overhang to enable greater sun and wet weather protection to players (4,6,8,10 and12 players seat options)


Play Hard is paving the way for the future of Athletics throwing cages. Our patented World Athletics certified cages have an extremely unique design that reduces manpower to install and maintain which reduces any costs. Ground work and support structure have also been optimally utilised to reduce raw materials and improve the spectator visibility.


Our Raptor basketball tower is a side swinging unit that locks into position when in use. The tower can be swung away to the side so that it is out of the way when another sport, for example tennis, is being played.

These towers are generally used on multipurpose courts where there are many sports being played. They are also used when clearance is required under the hoop as arm outreaches can be 5m or more. We can create these arms at custom lengths to suit your court and fit the pole into the line of the fence for an unobstructed playing area.


Our external winder Tennis Posts feature a seamless Ratchet Winder which comes with a safety handle that has been specially designed by Play Hard.

The Quick Release Ratchet Winder has been designed for ease of use to easily remove the net when other sports are being played on the court without any hassle. The posts are made using Galvanised Steel for ultimate longevity, then finished with a Hi Gloss 2 pack urethane Paint in Black


Play Hard has designed an ‘egg’ shaped mat cover that rolls over high jump and pole vault mats when not in use to protect them from the weather. The unique design has no sharp edges and an eye catching shape.


Our Waverail™ net tie system is the latest development in Basketball net tie methods. We use this on all our Basketball and Netball rings as well as other applications like our Tennis posts and Soccer goals where a net needs to be attached to the posts.

With conventional net hooks on Basketball rings, nets frequently tangle on the hooks, hooks often break off and players get cut fingers from net hooks when slam dunking. Our Waverail™ system is designed to avoid all these problems.


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