Sports Equipment that goes
as hard as you do!

As the leading designer in innovative sports equipment in Australia, our customers know that when they purchase from us, they are receiving products which have been time tested to provide quality results.

How we help you

Here at Play Hard, we embody a number of core beliefs that we live by to ensure you get the best sporting equipment. We want you to be able to;

  • Experience top quality sports equipment so you can enjoy the best playing experience and get the most out of your physical activity
  • Receive professionally designed sports equipment that is innovative and unique. Everyone is sure to be impressed when they see the high standard of equipment you possess
  • Only have to install once as our sports equipment is designed to last you a lifetime

Our diverse range of products covers many sporting activities, including indoor, outdoor and even discus and hammer throw cages. Click on the links for more information!

Customised solutions for every situation

As well as providing the best quality sporting equipment, we can also custom make products to suit your needs. All products are engineer certified where necessary. We employ the strictest quality assurances with all of our products and ensure keen attention to detail is upheld at all times. Whether you need customised basketball hoops for your school yard or track and field cages, we have the expertise to meet your requirements.

We’re always happy to help

Contact us today and we’ll guide you through our process so that you’re set to start playing that much sooner. Our staff all possess extensive product knowledge and are happy to answer any questions relating to our product range. Reach us by calling 1300 854 518.



Be sure to check out our new YouTube channel for our latest projects, or have a look at our Facebook page for more updates!

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Basketball for Home

Need a basketball tower for home? We have a wide range of basketball towers to choose from. Select your ideal home Basketball Tower.

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Innovations &
Signature Items

Unique designs built into tough sports equipment.

Innovative product design has been part of the business culture from the beginning and, because of that, PHS has introduced several innovative products into the market.

We have an experienced design team constantly working on introducing innovative products and designs to ensure our products are the best.