BEHIND THE GAMES PODCAST is a motivational podcast with athletes, bands, and sports business – who all share their ‘Power Stories’ to success in the business of sports. In each episode, we capture true and inspiring stories of individuals and business that make up the amazing sports ecosystem in Australia.

We bring in real characters from across the world of entertainment, sports, and business. People who are affecting the way popular culture and sports are viewed and how the world of sports is unfolding. The podcast allows listeners who are aspiring to get their careers to that level a chance to look inside that window for half an hour; a window that they would otherwise never see, never experience.

BEHIND THE GAMES PODCAST promotes shared experiences and values through the lens of sport. Covering sports field engineers and constructions, latest sporting equipment and athlete lifestyles in pursuit to be the best on and off the field of play. So, with the combination of technology, new media platforms and people wanting to tell their story, its given rise to BEHIND THE GAMES PODCAST.



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Marke is an amazing person who has had some incredible life experiences around the world.

With 19 Years of experience and high academic results namely Bangor University of Wales, UK, Cranfield University Bedfordshire, UK completing his MSc Water Management, Soil and Water Engineering as well as Engineering Doctorate Research Engineer in Soil Science (Sports Field Playing Quality).

Markes agronomic expertise has seen him work nationally and globally on some of the world’s highest-profile tournaments, including the 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil, 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada, 2016 Olympics in Brazil and 2015, 2016 and 2017 editions of the International Champions Cup in China and Singapore.

In the podcast, we talk to Marke about his visions for driving the growth of the SPORTENG range of services into Queensland, New Zealand, and Asia, while capitalising on the incredible success of the SPORTENG company lead by Jarrod Hill and Gray Canning.

Steve Liddell may seem like a typical knock about bloke, but dive into his story and you’ll uncover a very determined and inspired person who has at times placed his life in unthinkable danger for another humans survival.

In this podcast, we talk to Steve about his early years as a promising rugby star on a TSS scholarship before being told by his Doctor that he had formed Diabetes at the age of 14. This was compounded by his Father/mentor telling him that he had contracted kidney failure and dialysis, and that Steve would have to take care of his Mum and two sisters. Steve’s Mum would also be diagnosed with lung cancer and had only 12 months to live.

Steve played professional NRL in America for the Connecticut Wildcats and discovered Astroturf/synthetic grass, and aided in the understanding of this new style of playing field for the Australian market.

Steve recalls great times in the US but an even bigger surprise awaited him on return to Australia when Steve did the extra ordinary thing of pulling an unconscious motor accident victim out of a burning car before it exploded, and was awarded the human spirit award Western Australia.

In this podcast, we talk to both Ned & Fraser who are travelling around Queensland meeting potential customers and visiting Bunnings Warehouses, where Tuff Turf retail a range of products.

Fraser, a St Kilda Saints legend who played 145 games for the Saints and 115 games for the West Coast Eagles, and well known as the G-TRAIN, talks about his professional AFL sporting career with some rememberable playing highlights.

Now as the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Tuff Group, Fraser’s interest in synthetic turf grew as a need for a diverse range of playing surfaces for sport in all weather conditions.

And Ned Coten who served on FIBA’s Competition Commission and has been a participant, administrator and Board Director in both professional and volunteer capacities within basketball over the past 35 years and now works as a marketing consultant for the Tuff Group.


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