Portable Units

Indoor Portable Practice Unit


This indoor portable basketball unit can be wheeled into location and operated with ease by one person.

From the stored position the backboard and arm assembly swings upright. The backboard and ring are now ready for height adjustment. A hand crank at the rear raises the board and ring up to the full playing height of 3050 mm.

Frame to face of backboard distance:
Height at:
3050 mm = 1200 mm
2600 mm = 1300 mm
2200 mm = 1200 mm

The 210 litre base has a hinged lid and houses the counter weight, min 120kg (not supplied). The base will hold sand, bricks, pavers or 20L collapsable water containers. Unit weight without ballast is 110kg.

The dimensions in the stored position: 900w x 1500d x 2000h.

Acrylic Backboard

B1290a & B1810a

Upgrade to a clear acrylic backboard to give your basketball tower that professional look you've always wanted.

Competition Spring Ring


The unique leaf spring is maintenance free and will not sag over time. This ring is firm but has an ideal soft touch which shooters love. The wrap around brace provides better visual target for shooting. With the Waverail net tie system, nets will never get caught up.

Collapsible Water Containers


Collapsible water containers that are used as counter weights.