External Winder Posts – Hot Shots

Hot Shots

The posts are made from 75mm square galvanised steel and finished with hi gloss two pack urethane paint. There are no dangerous parts protruding from the post when the net is left unattached.
Posts are 770mm high and supplied with TBW16 barrel winder and sleeve cover plates.
Posts to suit 100mm ground sleeves.
Modifications available such as coloured tennis net posts and net head band (on request).

Note: A visual check over the product should be conducted once a month to ensure the highest level of product performance.

Ground Sleeve


Standard PVC ground sleeve & galvanised steel cap. Available to suit 60mm round or 75mm square posts.

Hinged Ground Sleeve


Hinged ground sleeves that have a hinged lid attached to the PVC ground sleeve. PVC sleeves have a steel surround fitted to the top of the sleeve which houses the hinged lid. Available to suit 60mm round or 75mm square post.

External Winder Net – Half Court


Braided polyethylene, 2.5mm net, single mesh 45mm square, vinyl headband, 6.5m long x 600mm drop, steel cable 10m long.