Umpire Chairs

Show Court Umpire Chair


The TC60i Umpire Chair is the same chair used at Pat Rafter Arena in Brisbane. A premium international show chair customised with covered seats, suitable for your show court.  Made in Australia from 150mm x 50mm galvanised steel frame. Umpire the game in complete comfort. You can now have a luxury chair for your tennis court.
* Pedestal padded chair height: 1,970mm
* Sportmane cushion seat
* Two pack urethane gloss finish for a lasting shine
* Platform mounted sea captains chair on a height adjustable pedestal
* Platform enclosed on 3 sides with hand rails for easy access
* Fold up table
* Drink bottle holder
* Esky shelf
* Non-Marking front leg skid 
* Polyurethane front skid
* Optional varnished timber steps (default is white as shown in the photograph)
* 240v power outlet
* Side panels
* Polypropylene canopy

This chair comes in a kit form. 

Designed and Made in Australia.