Sight Screen

Rotating Cricket Sight Screen

Eclipse R

The Australian designed Cricket sight screen consists of a low-profile post and rail track with mesh screen panels painted white, and the reverse side painted black.
Each screen pivots in a support carriage which travels along the track.
Each screen carriage is 1.5m wide equating to 7.5m width (span) and height of 6.0m.
The screens can be easily rolled into position - one at a time… and rotated for a white screen or black screen.
Wheel stops prevent the screens from moving in the wind with a secure bolt locking system in place.

A typical system would consist of a 28.8m track and caters for a 70m radius oval.

“Some of our local cricketers have already tested out the new screens and given them a ringing endorsement,” - Hornsby Shire NSW Mayor Philip Ruddock.

Product benefits:
• Perforated metal screens painted - White and Black (on the reverse side)
• Robust variable low-profile track hot dipped galvanised
• Easy rotation action in seconds
• Ideal for the limited over game that uses a white ball
• One operator usage
• Excellent ball view (for batsman) w/ around and over the wicket bowling actions
• Secure locking device
• Easy to add additional screens